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Last night, the King County Health Department issued a set of recommendations regarding Covid19,  one of which is to urge people not to gather in large crowds.

It is On Safari’s goal to maintain the health and safety of our customers. These are tenuous times, and we would not want you to come to any harm.

We have decided that the best decision for all, is to postpone our event until a later date. We can’t wait to see you all when next we meet! Thank you in advance for your donations, for which the organizations concerned will be ever so grateful.

Some tips to get through this ordeal:

  1. Wash your hands

  2. Wash your hands again.

  3. Get rid of those hugs  and handshakes for a minute

  4. Bleach down the counters, phone, Ipad and computer.

  5. If you’re sick, stay home and catch up on all those wonderful programs you’ve been meaning to watch.

Yours in health and handwashing,

Your team at On Safari Foods.

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