Seattle Snack Catering Menus

Ensuring that your staff has access to healthy and nutritious snacks throughout the day makes good business sense. At On Safari Foods, we curate and deliver high-quality snacks for your stocked snack kitchen that will provide your staff with the fuel they need to do their best work all day. As a sustainable Seattle caterer, we ensure that everything you serve your staff is good for people and the planet.

*Restrictions apply


Please inquire for additional snack package options that could be included for your event.

Assorted whole fruit (Seasonal selection may include apples, bananas, peaches, oranges, pears and nectarines)

$1.00 each

Assorted granola bars

$1.50 each

Assorted gluten-free granola bars

$2.00 each

String cheese

$1.00 each

Bowl of mixed nuts

$1.50 per person

Tim's Cascade potato chips (individual bags)

$1.00 each

Hummus snack pack with pretzels

$3.75 each

Assortment of individual yogurts

$1.00 each

Yogurt parfaits - yogurt with fruit or honey and house made granola


Crudites with hummus and / or ranch

$2.75 per person or $3.00 for both

Tortilla chips with salsa


Tortilla chips with guacamole


Tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole