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Updated: May 5, 2020

We often get asked what "Cuajado" is on our Greek Breakfast Package. Like much of the food we serve, there is, of course, a story behind this delicious spinach, feta and egg bake.

Cuajado comes from an old Sephardic recipe that our founder and CEO, Teresa Carew found in one of the last published Sephardic cookbooks by Elsie Menashe, a Sephardic Jew whose family traveled from the island of Rhodes (Rodos), down Africa to the Congo, before landing at the tip of Africa in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Sephardic Jews originally resided in Spain until they were exiled during the Spanish Inquisition to the island of Rhodes. Sephardic cuisine is very special. It has a Mediterranean flair with all that cheesy comfort that is so prevalent in milchig (dairy) Jewish cuisine.

Cuajado is a little like an inside-out quiche because there is no crust, but there is bread in the filling. Traditional Cuajado is often made with matzoh so that it can be eaten during Passover. A typical Cuajado has three main ingredients: eggs, spinach and cheese. There are a few variations, but we try not to mess too much with tradition, says Teresa.

Seattle is home to the 3rd largest Sephardic community in the United States. Many in this community have not experienced items from their cuisine anywhere outside of their family’s homes. One of our managers last had this dish at her grandmother’s house in the 80’s before coming to work at On Safari. Bringing these traditional foods to a greater audience is something that On Safari Foods values in highlighting global cuisine.

On Safari Foods Greek Breakfast Package

Cuajado Cascioppo Brothers breakfast sausage Greek breakfast potatoes Selection of bakers choice turnovers Seasonal fresh fruit salad $15.00 per person

Contact us to order the Greek Breakfast featuring Cuajado for your next board meeting or team-building event.


On Safari Foods is a Seattle-based sustainable catering and corporate food service company.

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