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Updated: May 5, 2020

For many couples, the food they serve at their wedding is almost as important as the venue they select. But, picking a wedding caterer is no small feat. We have assembled a few questions to ask when you are interviewing caterers about their food.

The Question:

Do you specialize in a certain type of cuisine?

The Reason:

Many companies are known for specific types of cuisine, such as regional specialties or accommodating specific health preferences. It is a good idea to inquire about what means the most to you; specific flavors, specific proteins, a particular dessert, etc.

Our Response:

We specialize in regional and global food with big, bold flavors. On Safari delivers the world on your plate but doesn’t forget about the comforts of home. We can prepare curries from around the world or recreate your favorite childhood recipe.

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The Question:

Where do you source your food?

The Reason:

Caterers, especially large ones, have a significant effect on the larger food production market. Where they choose to buy their raw ingredients can helps to grow those businesses they are buying from. Caterers who buy sustainably, help to support small farmers with