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Give the gift of food

Food has an incredible power to make people feel valued and loved. In this time of social distancing, it isn't always possible for us to give the gift of food to those we love. That's why our team now offers you the option to give a gift card to someone which allows them to order delicious fresh and frozen homemade entrees, snacks, bento boxes and full meals from our online menu.

Is someone in your family having a baby and you want to send them a week of dinners they can put in their freezer? No problem, an On Safari Foods gift card allows them to set up the perfect meal plan that can accommodate the food preferences of everyone in the family.

Is your son or daughter a nurse working on the frontlines of the pandemic? An On Safari Food gift cards allow them to order fresh entrees and snacks they can keep in the fridge and pop in the oven when they get home from a long shift. No need for shopping or food preparation and clean-up is a breeze.

Is your nephew graduating but you can't join the family celebration? An On Safari Foods gift card can be used to buy a triple layer Italian Cream cake with coconut, pecans and coconut cream cheese frosting.

Our online menu includes a wide range of fresh and frozen items including vegan and vegetarian options. From Massaman Beef Curry to Chicken Niscoise Salad to Vegetarian Street Tacos, there is much for every taste.

We are also offering a range of specialty items including wine, beer and cider, cocktails, specialty flour and yeast, and spice rubs.

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