Seasonal Catering Menus
Halloween Decorations


Spooky season is here!  


Halloween looks different this year, but you can still treat your employees, friends, and/or family to our festive boxes


We can either deliver en masse to an office space for a flat fee, or individually to homes for a reduced delivery fee per location.


To place your order today, please contact at least two business days prior to delivery.  


Appetizer Box - $16.50 (serves 1)(minimum 5 boxes)

Bat Wings (2) – Buffalo Chicken Wings with blue cheese dressing

Devilish Eggs (2) – Devilled Egg with green filling, black olive and pimento eyeballs 

Evil Empanadas (1) – Cheese and Corn Empanada

Bat Brains (4oz) – Curried Carrot Spread with crackers 

Creepy Crawlers – Celery sticks, cucumber, and radish 

*for Vegetarian box – sub mushroom skewers (2) for bat wings*


Nacho Kit - $25.95 (serves 4)

Tortilla chips 

Nacho cheese sauce

Black beans

Eric’s salsa verde & salsa roja

Corn poblano relish

Sour cream


Black olives

Pickled jalapeno