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Corporate Catering During a Pandemic

Provide food for your employees while prioritizing their health and safety with On Safari Foods' customizable foodservice models.

As we outlined in a previous article, the ROI of providing free food to your employees is staggering. The benefits include increased job satisfaction, improved productivity, and decreased labor costs as employees no longer need to leave the office to get lunch. During a pandemic, providing food in the office has the added benefit of keeping your employees safe from potential exposure to COVID.

Let's take a look at the numbers...

On average, employees spend between 30 minutes and an hour getting lunch. For example, if you have 100 employees and 50% of them spend an hour getting lunch outside of the workplace, that's 50 hours of productivity lost per day. Employees working from home often have other family members to care for, so providing food can still improve productivity even as employees continue working remotely.

Seattle's median salary is $61,000. Each of these employees makes approximately $30 per hour. A daily loss of 50 hours equals a monetary loss of $1,500 per day. Our lunches range in cost from $15 - $20 per person. Feeding a staff of 100 people would cost on average $1,700.

Considering the cost benefit analysis, providing lunch for employees in the office practically pays for itself.