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Corporate Catering During a Pandemic

Provide food for your employees while prioritizing their health and safety with On Safari Foods' customizable foodservice models.

As we outlined in a previous article, the ROI of providing free food to your employees is staggering. The benefits include increased job satisfaction, improved productivity, and decreased labor costs as employees no longer need to leave the office to get lunch. During a pandemic, providing food in the office has the added benefit of keeping your employees safe from potential exposure to COVID.

Let's take a look at the numbers...

On average, employees spend between 30 minutes and an hour getting lunch. For example, if you have 100 employees and 50% of them spend an hour getting lunch outside of the workplace, that's 50 hours of productivity lost per day. Employees working from home often have other family members to care for, so providing food can still improve productivity even as employees continue working remotely.

Seattle's median salary is $61,000. Each of these employees makes approximately $30 per hour. A daily loss of 50 hours equals a monetary loss of $1,500 per day. Our lunches range in cost from $15 - $20 per person. Feeding a staff of 100 people would cost on average $1,700.

Considering the cost benefit analysis, providing lunch for employees in the office practically pays for itself.

We have customizable, pandemic-friendly food service options for you, whether your employees continue to work from home or are returning to in-person work environments.

On Safari Foods is ready to provide nutritious,

individually packed meals that require little to no fuss.

The Programs


Stipend Program

Who it's ideal for:

If you want to give your employees the leeway to select their own meals on a regular basis, our stipend program is the one for you. It is also a wonderful choice for those with employees who are working from home, as it gives them the option for home delivery or pickup at On Safari's headquarters. Working from home is stressful, but providing food helps your employees, minimizes the distraction of buying and preparing food, and boosts morale.

How it works:

You provide each employee with a budget for food ordering through OSF (ex. $80 per employee on a weekly basis). Then, each employee receives a coupon code to use this stipend on our website. They can order whatever they want from our online store with these funds, and your company will be billed up to the stipend limit (ex. Maximum of $80). If employees wish to make purchases that exceed their stipend limit, the individual employee will be billed for the differential. Employees who do not wish to use all or part of their stipend have the option to donate those funds to our West Seattle Foodbank donation program.


Enhanced Foodservice Program

Who it's ideal for:

For those looking for a more traditional, routine corporate foodservice model that is modified to ensure safety during the pandemic, look no further. Whether you would like to offer daily or weekly meals, breakfasts, lunches, or both, our Enhanced Foodservice will meet your needs. This program is ideal for those who are going back to the office and would like to minimize the need for employees to leave the premises in order to get food.

How it works:

We have developed a new foodservice program that features individually packaged grab-and-go style items including soups, sandwiches, salads, and entrees. Every one of these menu items is ready-to-eat deli-style, or easily microwavable. Our enhanced foodservice is convenient, healthy, safe, and cost-effective.


Microkitchen Stocking Service

Who it's ideal for:

Microkitchen Stocking offers a less formal foodservice option that is another wonderful alternative for those returning to the office. If you are not looking for meal service, but still want your employees to have healthy snack options available to them in your office, a regularly stocked microkitchen is an excellent solution. Also, microkitchens allows your employees to graze, so if you have many employees who are on different schedules, this grab-and-go style might be the way to go.

How it works: Our staff come to your workplace weekly to stock your fridges and pantry with a wide array of snacks, treats, and drinks. The offerings are highly customizable - if you're looking for anything in particular, chances are we can provide it. Our Microkitchen Stocking Service saves you the trouble of purchasing food, storing items that exceed your fridge space, culling expired items, running out of items, and rotating options. As we work with you, we get to know your employees' most-loved items and tailor your microkitchen's contents along the way.


Catered Boxes with Home Delivery

Who it's ideal for:

Can't commit to daily or weekly foodservice, but still want to show your employees that you appreciate them? Do you have a one-off virtual event coming up and are looking for delicious appetizers to be delivered to your participants' doorsteps? Maybe your employees are still working from home and you want to send them a themed monthly treat complete with plenty of fun recipes and ingredients. Our catered boxes do it all.

How it works: Treat your employees on a weekly or monthly basis with our rotating selection of boxes, delivered directly to their doorsteps! We can always accommodate individual dietary needs. These boxes have varying price points and customizable contents - they are as personalized as a traditional catering, except they come straight to your home. Our past boxes have included seasonal harvest, Hawaiian barbecue, Oktoberfest and more. See the party box and seasonal box webpages for sample menus. Dream up a menu with our sales team and we'll box it - catering all the way to your doorstep.



The Reviews

"I'm so very satisfied with On Safari. As an office manager for an office of 100 we're constantly ordering food for meetings or employee events... I have not received one complaint and that's a big deal with my folks. I've never received this many compliments on anything I've every put together for this office, food or not! If I had more time I'd write more about how amazing it was to work with the Catering Sales Managers that worked within my budget and put together some awesome menus and were open to all my changes, etc. They deserve every star!"

- Christine via Google Business

"I LOVE On Safari Foods. They have catered my wedding, birthday party and my business events. The price is reasonable and the food it out of this world. They are great at dealing with special diets and they have great service. You can't go wrong!"

- Kate via Google Business

"I order food from On Safari on a weekly basis for my clients. The variety of choices and attention to detail on everything from ordering to delivery to service always make me feel at ease on event day! They are always on time, great with special diets and make everything so tasty! So far, I love all their food--but have to mention the baked goods especially. That brown bread and those nutella pinwheels make my mouth water. I use them for small meetings of 10 to larger receptions of 200 and love how adaptable they are with so many menu choices and great staff."

- Allison via Google Business

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