Boxed catering menus

Stylish, sustainable and delicious "stay safe" party boxes for your next socially distanced or virtual event.

Minimum order of 5 boxes per type – 18% service fee added to all orders.

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Meat and Cheese Party in a Box 

  • A selection of three cheeses (3oz)

  • Two meats (3oz)

  • House made red pepper jelly (2oz)

  • Pistachios, fresh fruit, dried apricots

  • La Panzanella crackers.

$21.50 per person

Fiesta Olé Party in a Box  

  • Latin spice-rubbed chicken skewers - 2 ea.

  • Cilantro Chipotle lime marinated wild shrimp - 3 ea.

  • Cheese and corn empanada - 1 ea.

  • House made guacamole (4oz) with house made tortilla chips 

  • Elote salad (4oz)


$23 per person

YumYum Tum Party in a Box  

  • Beef Satays - 2 ea.

  • Asian Pork Meatballs - 3 ea.

  • Larb Gai: seasoned chicken in a lettuce cup, garnished with thinly sliced red bell pepper and shredded carrot - 1 ea.

  • Vietnamese Salad roll with Tofu, served with peanut sauce - 2 ea.

  • Sunomono cucumber salad (4oz)


$25.75 per person

Med Party in a Box (vegetarian)

  • Grilled pear on Pecorino, drizzled with honey and fresh thyme - 3 ea.

  • Zucchini roll ups: filled with lime scented goat cheese, mint, harissa, and toasted pine nuts - 2 ea.

  • Roasted red pepper spread (4oz), with thin crostini

  • Three onion crostata, with three cheeses

  • Vegetable giardiniera: pickled carrots, peppers, green beans, cauliflower, and fennel (8oz)

$19.50 per person

PNW Party in a Box  

  • Wild sockeye salmon (3oz), smoked in-house and served with cream cheese, house made red pepper jelly (2oz) and La Panzanella crackers

  • Roasted carrot spread (3oz) with toasted pita chips

  • Beecher's Reserve Cheddar (4oz)

  • Three onion tart with three cheeses

  • Pickled asparagus

  • Fresh grapes


$20.75 per person

OSF Favorites Party in a Box  

  • Balsamic marinated grilled flank steak with blue cheese spread, with crostini - 2 ea.

  • Berber spice rubbed chicken skewers - 2 ea.

  • Devilled eggs with crunchy "everything" topping - 2 ea.

  • Zucchini roll ups: filled with lime scented goat cheese, mint, harissa, and toasted pine nuts - 2 ea.

  • Fresh grapes


$24.50 per person

Add-on Desserts

Trio of Mini Cookies

Chef's choice, baked in-house

$4.00 per person

Chocolate Pot de Crème

Garnished with whipped cream and chocolate covered espresso bean

$5 each

Chocolate Cupcake

With a chocolate buttercream frosting

$42 per dozen

Lemon Cupcake

With lemon buttercream frosting and a lavender garnish

$42 per dozen