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Spooktacular menus for your Halloween feast

Updated: May 5, 2020

Our team is so excited that Halloween is on the horizon. That's why we've been plotting and planning to conjure up a range of frighteningly good options whether you want to surprise your team with a breakfast or are hosting a glamorous dinner.


Breakfast Boo-Ritos!

Flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar and your choice of protein:

Bacon, sausage, or black beans with onions and peppers

$6.00 each

Add sour cream, and salsa

+$1.00 per person

Icky Intestines

Puff pastry filled with cream cheese and raspberry

$3.50 per person (minimum order 10pp)

Pumpkin Patch Pastries

- Pumpkin breakfast bread with walnuts and pepitas

- Pumpkin scones with a maple glaze

- Pumpkin coffee cake with a streusel topping

$2.75 per serving (1pc or slice/pp) (minimum order 12 servings per item)

Apple cranberry strudel

$2.75 per serving (1pc/pp) (minimum order 12 servings)

Baked oatmeal with apple and cinnamon (minimum order 12 servings)

$2.50 per person

Gooey Cinnamon Rolls with a maple glaze

$3.00 each (minimum order 12 servings)


(Minimum order of 10 servings unless otherwise noted)

Eerie Edibles with Creepy Crawlers served in Pumpkin Cauldrons

(Choose 3):

- Bat Brains (carrot ginger dip) (vg, gf)

- Vampire Blood (roasted red pepper dip) (vg, gf)

- Swamp Dip (minted pea hummus) (vg, gf)

- Choked Heart Dip (warm artichoke dip) (gf)*

- Black Bog Fog (black bean hummus) (vg, gf)

Served with Creepy Crawlers (vegetable sticks, pita triangles, bread, crackers)

*served hot in a fondue pot $8.00 per person

Gag-amole and Supernatural Salsa with Triangles of Death (vg, gf) House-made guacamole and pico de gallo with tortilla chips

$4.00 per person

Voodoo Fondue

- Heaven – dark chocolate fondue with pears, pineapple, marshmallows, and pretzels (gf)

- Hell – beer and cheddar fondue with bread and vegetables

$6.00 per person (minimum order 20 servings)

Devils on Horseback (gf) Blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon $3.50 each

Mummy Dogs Pastry wrapped dogs with bloody ketchup and spicy monster mustard dips $2.00 each

Devilish Eggs (Devilled Eggs) (gf)

- Bacon and chives

- Paprika and parsley garnish (classic)

- Truffle oil

- Stuffed olive

$2.00 each (minimum order of 24 pieces per flavor)

- Bay shrimp and jalapeno

- Smoked salmon and everything bagel topping

- Ikura caviar

$2.50 each (minimum order of 24 pieces per flavor)

Wings (Chicken Wings) (gf)

- Buffalo

o Served with celery and carrot sticks, and house-made blue cheese dressing

- Honey BBQ

o Served with celery and carrot sticks, and house-made blue cheese dressing

- Sriracha

- Teriyaki

- Lemon pepper dry rub

$10.00 per order (5 wings) (minimum order of 20 servings per flavor)

Moldy Toadstools (Stuffed Mushrooms)

- Bacon, spinach, and leek

- Italian sausage and peppers

- Spinach, leek, and sun-dried tomato (vg)

$2.00 each (minimum order of 20 pieces per flavor)

*must be warmed onsite*

(Minimum order of 10 servings unless otherwise noted)

Spiderweb Brie en Croute Creamy round of brie enveloped by pastry and baked to golden perfection $30.00 per wheel (serves 10-12)

Tombstones in the Graveyard (vg)

Seven-layer dip (refried pinto beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, pico de gallo, and black olive and jalapeno garnish), with tortilla chips

$6.00pp (minimum order 20 servings)

Freshly Flayed Flesh on Ectoplasm Crusts Smoked salmon on brown bread with lemon caper butter $4.00 each (minimum order 20 servings)

Eye of Newt Italian meatballs served with marinara sauce $2.00 each

Goblin Ears (gf) Lemon caper and Dijon marinated shrimp $3.75 each

Monkey Brains (gf) Chilled shrimp served with cocktail sauce $3.75 each

Skinned Alive Ahi poke served with wonton chips and cucumber cups $4.00pp

Something Smells Rotten! A selection of delicious pungent and not-so-smelly cheeses: Blue cheese, Port Salute, Humboldt Fog, Manchego, Beecher’s cheddar, and a runny Fromager d’Affinois. Served with rice and regular crackers, bread, red grapes, pomegranates, and fig preserves. $8.00 per person

Deadly Dolmades (vg)(gf)

A Mediterranean dish of grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice

$3.00 each

Stake Through the Heart (vg)(gf)

Balsamic marinated and glazed button mushrooms with bell pepper (2 mushrooms/skewer)

$2.25 each


Cauldron of Hearty Beef Chili (vegetarian option available) Served with cheddar cheese, onions, coleslaw, and cornbread (regular or jalapeno) served with honey butter $9.50 per person

Cauldron of Green Gruel Broccoli cheddar soup $4.00 per person (8oz)

Blood Bath with Scream Cheese Sandwiches Creamy tomato soup (8oz) with grilled cheese Tillamook cheddar sandwiches (1pp)

*sandwiches must be cooked onsite* $9.00 per person

Fleshy Fingers

Mini chicken fingers (2, 2oz pieces/pp)

Served with ketchup, BBQ sauce, and ranch dressing

$6.00 per person

BBQ Pulled People Sandwiches (vegetarian option: BBQ Tofu) Pulled pork sliders with coleslaw on a brioche bun $4.75 each

Sliding into the Abyss

Slider bar with choice of beef, turkey, or veggie patty

Served with all the fixings: lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, cheddar, Swiss, mayo, mustard, ketchup, and brioche buns $5.00 per slider (minimum order of 20 servings per patty type)

Menacing Meatloaf Our house-made meatloaf topped with bacon! $9.50 per person

Skeleton Bones

Pork ribs with our house-made apricot BBQ sauce

$4 per rib (suggested serving size: 2-3 ribs per person) (Minimum order of 20 ribs)

Heart of Darkness Stuffed baby pumpkins with wild rice and ras al hanout style vegetables (prunes, currants, carrots, parsnips, zucchini, red onion, and garlic)



Orange Monster Brains Our creamy mac ‘n cheese $4.00 per person (side serving) / $8.00 per person (entrée)

Add Toppings -

Crumbled bacon, parmesan breadcrumbs, bruschetta style topping, green onion

+$2 per person

Boo-tatoes Buttery mashed potatoes infused with garlic $4.00 per person

Monster Mash Mashed sweet potatoes with a touch of maple $4.00 per person

Baked Boo-tato Bar Baked Russet potatoes, split, and served with:

Creepy crawlers (broccoli florets)

Boo-con (crispy bacon bits)

Sour scream (sour cream)